Little About Me

Let’s start with the name – first name Afra, Last name Lamiya and of course, Saiyara is the middle name. Before I could use the actual spelling of my middle name for the url, there was someone who thought it would be more fun to make me suffer with an extra “A” to it. Haha, no big deal, getting the hang of it.

I will celebrate my Birthday in March 15th of every year.

I was born in Bangladesh. It’s a small country compare to other, haha, but trust me it’s not that small. Although it’s near India, people usually think it’s the same country. Oh, no, Both are totally different. And no, you can’t call me Indian, I am a proud Bangladeshi. 

My first blog was in 2006, about interesting things that would happen to me throughout the day or something that I would feel to write about. It wasn’t here, and only lasted for 2 years. I had to stop writing due to my school and my personal problems. 

I am beyond blessed to have such an amazing family. It means the world to me. At this point I have no regrets of anything. I am a proud daughter, a girl, and a person, just because of them.

I love making people laugh with my weirdness, stupidities and most of all being myself. I like crafting, drawing, decorating, window shopping (sometimes looking is just as fun as buying), vintage, music, flower and glittery things. I actually mentioned few in the about me section. I am obsessed with any type of blue color. Starting from baby blue to royal blue to turquoise to jade. Oh, don’t forget the purple 🙂

I can write about me all day long without hesitating anything, but then again it would be bragging about myself. Therefore, I will leave you all with it.

As always, Be my guest. Have a great day! — AL.



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