whoever doesn’t fall for you is a FOOL!

I really wasn’t going to write anything about it, or talk about it openly; but no, seriously you made me speechless that I ended up writing. That’s why I will keep it short and leave everyone curious with it.

I have never thought I would be falling for someone this bad. That fascinating beauty, that appearance, that elegant personality, that charming eyes, that magnificent smile and that sky-high approach… How could one not fall for you? I mean, I at least couldn’t help myself from the desire to have you for the eternity.

Damn that beauty…

I feel like you are some sort of movie star, that every girl in this universe is crazy for and getting your attention. And me? well I am just some girl from the back bench in school, who’s losing a little bit of herself everyday for you and who probably won’t get caught in that charming eyes.

As always, be my guest. Peace out! — AL


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