A Mysterious Night!


My beliefs: Everything happens for a reason, there is no good explanation for every paranormal things that happens with us, and there is other life than only human being and we are surrounded by many of them… Maybe this is why I keep think about these unconsciously, or maybe they do exist!

Please, Do not take risk reading this since I will be writing about a paranormal/scary stuff that happened. Well they are not that scary but they are a little freaky.

July 21st, 2013

1 am

It was not too hot, not too cold! It was an average day. But we still had the air conditioner on for the sake of the kids in our house. FYI it was around 75 or so degrees, and you will find out later why I am saying all this things. And for an average house it’s enough to keep it cool! On the other hand in my room, I had my fan on; the highest setting possibly. And it gets a little chilly at night.

I was talking to my friend online for a while and since all this physical breakdown happened earlier in the afternoon and I was exhausted, I finally decided to go to sleep. Everyone in the family was having a soundless sleep by the time I went to bed. My door has to be closed (but not locked) in order for me to sleep and It usually takes a little while for me to fall asleep. With a bad luck, I have this eye allergy and I was having really hard time falling asleep. Finally at some point I fell asleep.

Around 3:30 – 4 am

I was feeling really hot and woke up to a heavy, warm breathing on my face to my neck/chest… As if someone was really close to my face and breathing on me. I was literally sweating. At first I thought my mom came to my room and turned off the fan. But nope! It was at the same settings and the ac was Running. As soon as I woke up, I started to feel the actual cold temperature in my room. I had no idea of what to do. I had my phone beside me and I kept pressing the home button with my eyes closed for some lights. I was laying there who knows for how long. And then I finally opened my eyes and turned on the flash light on my phone. There was nothing.

I am not going to say that I wasn’t scared, just a little and I was certain that I felt the warm heavy breathing on me. I know you guys may have this logical explanation but trust me, those explanation doesn’t really work on when you are facing a situation like this. No logical explanation works that time. Not at all.

I am not saying this to scare anyone but just sharing what had happened. Now, you guys can help me out with your opinion or thought.

As always, be my guest. Peace out! — AL


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