Mysterious Night 2

I know I have laid myself back again from writing. But not for too long. Today I will share another experience that happened with me when I was about 13-14 yrs old and when I was in my back home.

Please read it on your own caution, since it contains some paranormal activities that happened with me. I am not going to take any blame if you read it at night-time and get scare  🙂

It was during Ramadan. We had our own building, and I used to have my own room. I have been sleeping all by myself since I was 6 or 7 years old. There was this huge jack-fruit tree next to my window and for the information there was no balcony on the side we used to live in that building. There were other buildings but the tree pretty much covered the other side. Anyways, one day my cousin and her family came to visit us. As usual my cousin decided to sleep with me and her mom decided to sleep with my grandmother. She has been one of my favorite cousin of all time since we are almost the same age; well but not really. We usually spend pretty much the whole night talking and not sleeping. But, since it was Ramadan we didn’t really spend much time talking because we have to get up early in the morning for Sheri.

I don’t really remember the exact time but it might be around 3 to 3:30. I woke up to my right side, (facing totally opposite side from my cousin) to the sound of someone taking shower. As soon as I turned to my left side to see any sorts of light from other room, I saw a tall black shadow/whatever in between me and my cousin. At first I thought I was dreaming so I started to rub my eyes, and I sat up! Then I realized it’s not my cousin and it was really tall that the end of it was hanging down at the end of the bed.  I still thought I was dreaming and it made me scared, so without making any sound I decided to lay back down. I do not know for how long I was laying down because at one point I fell asleep…

I hope you people enjoy reading what I have to write here. And again, this is just a freakish thing that happened with me and I happened to remember it. It’s not a made up story, and it’s not here to scare anyone by any chance.

As always, be my guest. Peace out! — AL


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