My Sunday Crush is on…

First of all, I apologies for staying away for the longest time…  My ULTIMATE excuse… SCHOOL!

Okay! going back to my Sunday Crush… It’s on Johnny Depp…. Why not? I mean look at him Johnny Depp SEXY BEAST right!!??!! Ahh…. can I just dream about him for a sec?? ….. !!!! …. !!???

OK, ok..

My 5 reasons Why I have crush on him

1. he’s sexy, and cute and adorable and sexy and cute and… just get it.

2. His acting. Just WOW.

3. His style…aahhmazing.

4. His sense of humor. ahh Yes.

5. Last but not least, He looks adorable in every character. Starting from Jack Sparrow to Edward Scissorhands to Mad hatter.  You know what I am talking about. 

And one extra one, I can watch his same movie over and over and over again. That’s all for today.

As always, be my guest. Peace out! — AL


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