Failed Attempt at Cooking

My friend, very darling and sweet to post all the healthy recipe for us. It takes a lot to put everything, starting from gathering to cooking to putting it in for us. Thanks to her.

Recently I have had this urge to try one of her recipe; The great tasty  “Kale chips “.

Was that easy to bake… Yes! it was.

Does it taste good… yes! it does, not that I cooked, but it’s in general a good tasty snacks.

So what’s up with the title??  I did everything fine, but lack of attention. yes, lack of attention does the trick perfectly to ruin everything…


the preparation and everything was just fine, till half way. I decided to go and do something else. well the good thing was I had the timer on, but guess it was just a timer with no help…umm.. yes! Ended up getting this burned one… What a shame and a fail… Umm, enjoy the burned post… :\


The funny thing was when I showed the pics to my friend, she thought I tried both, the spice, and the choco.  LOL.

Anyways, go check out her recipes and if you try any of it, feel free to let both of us know.



2 thoughts on “Failed Attempt at Cooking

  1. hahaaa it does look a lot like choco kale chips!! 🙂 I couldn’t stop laughing as I read your post.. burned post.. :DDD hahaaaa I am so glad that you tried it and liked it and Thanks so much for linking my blog! ❤ Btw, I am happy to lend you my dehydrator.. or you can come to my place. We can do some cooking!

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