Last Post For 2013

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of 365 page book. Write a good one” — Brad Paisley

This quote kinda really did pulled the trigger in me a little. And I will make sure I write a good story.

For this year —

I am not doing the “new year new me” shit. Just because I love the old me. I love the person who I am today — a happy person. I probably won’t stop anyone who doesn’t like me and willing to walkout, because I will guarantee you that in this blank 365 page book, there won’t be a thing that puts me down, makes me sad or upsets me. This year everything will be the way I want it to be; full of happiness, color, joy, laughter, love and care. I am the writer, and I will make sure to have every positive aspect of everything.

You guys will hold the pen to leave your signature at the end of the book, but never have the pen to write for me. You peeps will be a part of it, but will never be the main character of my book. I will have all of your pictures every now and then, but this time it will be full of  my pictures.

I know I am being as dramatic as I could be, but with all being said, I wish everyone the best out of the best for this upcoming year. This time please take in charge of your own book.

I hope you all stay safe and enjoy 2014.


— AL


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