My Irrational Fear

 Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rejoice

It all depends on how you look at it. There are some that you just want to forget and run from that, hide and never come back. And there are some fears that you have to face it. Not necessarily you want to, but you just have to face it. (unlucky you)!!!

My “face everything and rejoice” ahhhh SCHOOL. Starts from the  27th and me???? I am just feeling a lot of pressure and that fear of absolutely NOTHING. Well, what can I do beside facing it. I am excited, but then again, its totally giving me a hard time. Hi5 to those who have the same fear; fear of nothing. 😀

Now as of my “forget everything and run” LOL,  I can name thousands and thousands of thing that I just want to run from…

Starting with most obvious, Spider. Hairy legged creature…. okay.
Next goes to Snake… you kidding me?  A boneless reptile with no eyelids…  talking about it gives me goosebumps.
Third on my list: ANYTHING that has more than 2 and something more than 4 LEGS. Lets keep it simple here.
Last but not least, DOGS. I know they are cute and stuff, now don’t go give me lectures about it. It’s my run as fast as you can kinda thing.

And oh yes, CLOWNS are scary too.

My other types of fear “forget, face and just laugh it out like crazy” yes… face the crowed, or in school — the group presentation. Let’s just say, I have the worst experience of it…

Lets just talk about how scared I am to start my semester…. This post is about how scared I am about school. Yes get it now…. I’m really really really really really REALLY scared. And I just have to face it, that’s the reality; and it sucks…

Well, that’s it for today. hope you all have a phobiastic day 😀

— AL


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