Confession #1


On my 22nd birthday, I got macaroons as a birthday gift. If you do not know, it is one of my favorite thing on earth!!! So, long story short, I came home put the box on the table and went to the bathroom to get fresh. As soon as I walked out the bathroom and went to the dinning room to get a piece of it, it was ALLLLL GOOOONEEEE!!!!! Instantly my heart ached a little, just because my family member finished all of it in a matter of time; and I started crying like a baby, not because I did not have any, but because macaroons are my favorite and I could not finish it.

Well, despite the fact that I was crying because of macaroons, I had a blast on that day! And I did enjoyed it a lot.

Hope you’ll don’t do things like this, if you do feel free to let me know down bellow!!! πŸ˜€


– AL



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