A Fool is Always A Fool

You are just a fool, a fool who would never realize your own value.

A fool who would only think of others even after falling thousands of time.

A fool who would  leave everything behind and chase something that might not be right for…

A fool who would run away from everything only to make other realize their own value, but not yours.


A fool who would ruin your own present and future just to get away from your past.

A fool with good intention for others but not yourself.

A fool with a good heart that is willing to be broken over and over…

A fool that expects more than one should… even from the closest one.


You are just a fool. A fool for letting yourself down on everything.

You are just a fool for loving them so much and not loving yourself.

You are just a fool for thinking they would love you the same too…

You are a fool for not understanding them and yourself..


I can go on and on and on to point out your foolishness and flaws, but guess what — I am a fool too.

— AL


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