Do Not Do This

Let’s use myself as the subject….


To those guys who “mistakenly” mistake me with someone else,

Hey, you may or may not have mistaken me with someone else, I get that. But thanks for your attention toward me. I acknowledged it and I ignored it. Thank you again.
first of all, I personally do not know how or see a way that I would look like someone else. Well I might, but seriously even when I am rushing to go to somewhere. eyes down on the road trying to find my way?? I do not know how someone in so rush would look like someone else… At least I have never mistaken one with another…

Second of all, even if you do mistake me with someone else, at least use proper words to get my attention (not that you will have it). But still have some respect!!!!! Apparently, trying to get someones attention with a hissing sound or calling sexy lady to a stranger or calling chicks and other trashy words are now socially acceptable. I don’t blame you. But at least try to be nice, yeah?

I am not saying I face this kind of weirdness allll the time, but I am just saying be a little more respectful to a lady. You can like our appearance or you can be interest in us — normal, but that does not give you all the rights to be an assho*e and have a bad impression of yourself.


A Stranger


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